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くに破れて 山河さんが
しろはるにして 草木そうもく深し
に感じては 花にも涙なをそそ
別れをうらんでは 鳥にも心を驚かす

家書かしょ 万金ばんきんあた
白頭はくとう けば更に短く
べて しんえざらんと欲す






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孫子・呉子  明治書院

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1 Mastering the origin of humanity virtue.
2 Unman-made natural way is the place where makes one's growth.
3 Make peoples peace of mind. 
4 Startup origin of everything humanity virtue taoism. 
5 No greed frankness. 
6 Creater of everything.
7 Cover the knowledge. 
8 Water calacteristics depending on the circumstans is like the best virtue.
9 Moving to safety.
10 Nothing to do.
11.None article effects.
12.Managing greed
13.Exceed hating shame mind
14 Honor of deepness.
15.Open the taoism humanity virtue
16 Back to Taoism origin of everything.

17 Pure manners.
18 Valgur and frivolity.
19 Back to simplicity.
20 Different from commons.
21 Be gentle to capture dazed Taoism.
22 Philosophy of not compete.

23 Self-empty fits humanity virtue.
24 Merit of modesty and patience.
25 Live belong Tao the theory of universe.
26 Keep heavy and silent attitude.
27 Merit of using nothig to do way.
28 Back to simple.
29 Doing nothing.
30 Modest the military.
31 Stop the war.
32 Virtue of King and Nobles.

33 Lesson of virtue.
34 Modesty effect of Taoism.
35 Value between two men relationship is humanity virtue.
36 Deepest understandable way for the human but certainly effective to use it.
37 Nothing to do for politics.
39 Ruled by the basis.
40 Eliminate common overbearing action and effect
42 Everything from taoism theory of the universe.
43 Use into whole world.
51 Grow the virtue and merit.

52 Back to origin of everything
53 Evidence of Selfish politics.
54 Observe the circumstances by mastering humanity taoism.
55 Sign of deep inside of taoism humanity virtue.
56 Deep inside virtue of adult.
57 Make pureness wind whole of country.
58 Assimilate to caos.
59 Keeping the virtue.
60 Statused person.
61 Virtue of modesty.
62 Mastering great taoism humanity virtue.
63 Think orgin of things.
64 Protect small sympton carefully.
65 Simple and pure virtue.
66 Stay back of people.
67 Three jewels.
68 Virtue fit to heaven

69 Execution of the virtue named not compete with.
70 Know the difficulty to teach the taoisum way for others in the world.
71 Know the weak point.
72 True lover of oneself.
73 Let it be
74 Control the perplexity
75 Too much take goes harm all.
76 Take care of not too strong.
77 Well balance of nature rule.
78 Correct statement seems against one's wishes rather opposite.
79 Mission putting emphasis on lender standpoint.
80 Indepence
81 Honesty and compete with nobody.

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